The beauty of imperfections

Cotance newsletter 4 2021

Nature is “naturally” perfect. The patterns on the surface of leaves, trees, insect wings or fruits are always fascinating, especially when magnified.
However, nature can do even better; nature repairs. If a tissue is damaged, whether by an insect bite, a scratch or an infection, the injuries heal.
Yet sometimes scars occur.

We all know it. The scar on your knee from falling off a scooter or the small mark on your arm after a hot burn from the iron. The older we get, the more “memories” such as these mark our skin.

Animals are also injured, stung, chafed or sunburned. These injuries heal just like ours and leave scars. After the animal hide has been tanned, these long-healed injuries are of course still there and visible on the leather as small or large marks.

Yet, illogical as it seems, people who buy leather, and who perhaps see holes in their jeans as cool and fashionable or enjoy a “used look”, perceive these scars as defects. For this reason, leathers are often sanded and given a finish so that the natural skin, with its unique individual characteristics, becomes a flawless, uniform material, like synthetic materials from industrial production

But leather only becomes truly beautiful with the small flaws, scars and colour differences, because only then can we see that it comes from nature itself, without loss in function or quality.

Let’s accept nature as it is! Let’s enjoy the natural qualities of leather!

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