Leather the best of many worlds!

The way we look at materials has changed very significantly. When primitive man discovered that animal hides could protect him from harsh weather, leather was just a thing that was available and useful. Now it’s a material. However it is a material of excellence, combining the best of many worlds in a unique way!

The best in a world of heritage
Always present alongside mankind, leather evolved from a simple layer of clothing and protection to become an element of culture in totems and amulets, musical instruments, sheets of parchment or book covers, a material that could embellish the most diverse handicrafts. It’s hard to find a culture that has not integrated leather in its traditions.

The best in a world of durability
Leather is an example of endurance. Leather articles can be maintained and repaired extending their useful life. Lasting a lifetime, they may be passed on to the next generations. Indeed, in the world of materials, there is nothing more beautiful than aged leather.

The best in a world of sustainability
Today more than ever, it is essential to ensure sustainability.
Tanners recover hides and skins as a residue from the food industry and recycle them into leather so that they do not pile up as waste. Unlike fossil fuels, the feedstock for leather is renewable.
In addition, thanks to modern technology, leather has offset the negative impacts of its complex production process; cleaning wastewater and turning solid waste into useful goods, such as fertilizers, tallow or glue. A perfect example of circular economy.

The best in a world of fashion and design
In the past leather was only available in limited shades and textures. Today it is like a chameleon, thanks to the multiple aspects it can take. Designers and fashion lovers can find leather in any colour, with any desired hardness or softness, thick or thin, glossy or matt… There are no limits to creativity.

The best in a world of performance
Leather is also known for its outstanding and unique physical properties.
Breathable and comfortable, resistant to tear and stretch, as well as to sunlight and water, this biomaterial boasts physical, chemical and fastness performances that are unmatched by the alternatives.

Look at it from any angle, leather is the best of many worlds!
Enjoy leather! Good for you, good for the planet

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