World Leather Day

World Leather Day:
Fira läder tillsammans

Today, COTANCE joins the entire world in celebrating Leather!

On April 26, 2024, we come together as an industry to celebrate World Leather Day, honouring leather’s enduring and unique qualities. This year we are focusing on the “Repair, Reuse, Repurpose” theme emphasising the long-lasting, repairable, and versatile qualities of leather that make it the ideal material for a circular society.

So let’s explore what MORE leather can offer to YOU!

We all understand that choosing leather goes beyond selecting a beautiful and high-quality material that elevates your image and mood – it’s a bold statement to the world.

But there’s even more to it than you might realize. Whether you know it or not, with leather, you opt for a more sustainable, green, and slow-fashion world. By choosing leather, you’re not just selecting comfort and individuality for today; you’re investing in a greener, more sustainable future as leather articles can be easily repaired, reused, and repurposed, making it the best choice for sustainable practices.

Because Leather champions durability, it is natural that we keep REUSING it.

Choosing leather allows you to REUSE it, meaning re-wearing your leather footwear naturally season after season. And if issues like worn heels or soles arise, you can have them repaired quickly and affordably in just one day at your local shoe repair workshop.

Choosing leather allows you to REUSE it by passing your cherished leather item over from generation to generation. Think of your father’s leather briefcase, a symbol of his hard work and dedication, or the leather couch you took from home when moving into your first apartment. Quality vintage items like this never go out of fashion.

– and of course, choosing leather brings economic advantages. Extending the life of leather items means we shop less and save money (just shared one of the secrets of wealth – no need to thank us 🙂 )

For more inspiration on leather’s longevity and versatility visit the world’s first-ever digital exhibition “It’s a Long Story” by Leather Naturally.

Because Leather is ageing gracefully, it’s remarkably simple to REPAIR it. 

When you repair your leather goods, you breathe new life into your favourite items, deepening the connection between you and the goods that are part of your personal story. Just as we strive to repair relationships rather than end them, fixing leather enhances its longevity and value.

Watch the Alliance France Cuir demonstration on how nice and beneficial it is to repair your leather items. Well, if a leather bag survived a 476 kg metal band saw cutting at 100 metres per minute, imagine how well it can withstand everyday wear and tear!

Or explore the 120-year-old craftsmanship of the BootRepair Company and be amazed by the heritage behind each repair. So then next time, instead of buying a new pair of shoes, consider repairing them or treating them to a leather spa experience. 

Remember, by repairing your leather items, you not only reduce waste and save money but also strengthen the bond with your personal belongings.

Because leather is a very supple material, it is extremely easy to REPURPOSE it.

Leather belts can be creatively repurposed into carry bags, camera straps, stylish dog collars, or personalised bracelets. Leather wallets can be transformed into durable ties for gardening or workshops, chic pulls for DIY furniture, or elegant bookmarks. 

And it’s not just individuals who are doing this; brands like Hermès are championing the reinvention of everyday objects using leather leftovers and other materials, in their Petit h atelier. They forge surprising connections between artists and craftsmen, creating new alliances between expertise and natural materials. Why not join the movement?

To start with, get inspired with Nquart‘s step-by-step leather crafting guides and create your own exclusive, personalised leather items. Enjoy each stage of this creative process – give it a try and have fun!

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Alternatively, discover how to upcycle your old leather jacket with just a few simple steps by watching a short video from craftsman Yusuf Osman.

The leather has so much to offer! Beyond being beautiful, natural, and durable, leather articles can be easily repaired, reused, and repurposed, making it the best choice for sustainable practices. By extending the life of leather goods, we minimise waste, reduce landfill use, and lessen environmental impact.

If leather isn’t one of the best sustainable investment decisions, we don’t know what is!

Agree? Help us spread the word to have more people celebrate the versatility and sustainability of leather!

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