Be authentic, choose leather by Elmo

At Elmo, sustainability is in our DNA, all our hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industry. Our raw-materials are from the Nordic countries predominantly, compliant with strict regulations on animal welfare and traceability back to farm. None of the waste in Elmo’s leather refining process will ever end up at landfill, the waste will either be upcycled, recycled or reused as energy recovery, as per our groundbreaking and industry leading ECO-model (Elmo Circular Operating).

Capture value, choose Elmo

By upcycling an organic material made by nature, into an authentic and durable end-product with a long lifetime, we reduce the CO2 footprint whilst maximizing the customer satisfaction. The extended product and application lifetime, generated by leathers naturally high adaptability in combination with our leading engineering capability, supports your warranty system, and increase the resale value of your vehicles. Our leather is founded on the principles of quality and durability, enabling your customers to clock up carefree miles whilst driving your customer satisfaction rates up. Be authentic, capture value, choose leather by Elmo.

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