Beautiful and sustainable leather and fur products from our Swedish tanneries

The Swedish Tannery Association strives to promote a future for the leather industry in Sweden. The member companies of the Swedish Tannery Association use hides and skins from cattle, sheep and reindeer that are raised in Scandinavia.

The well-being of the animal is important for tanneries producing leather, sheepskin and reindeer skins of high quality, because the skin shows how well the animal has been treated. From the perspective of the leather producer, high-quality animal protection goes hand in hand with the production of high-quality leather, thus empowering tanneries to promote quality in animal protection. Tracking systems make it possible for the leather industry to enter into a dialogue with farmers on this important issue.

Sustainability and the environment

As a manufacturing industry in Sweden, Swedish tanneries adhere to the laws and directives that apply in the EU and Sweden. The leather, sheepskin and reindeer skins that are produced in Sweden fulfill EU and Swedish requirements on sustainability and the environment.

Leather is a unique material that offers a wide range of possible applications. Swedish tanneries supply leather for products including shoes, bags, wallets, furniture, the interiors of cars, trains and airplanes, and reindeer skins and sheepskin.

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4 Tanneries. At the beginning of the 1900s, there were over 130 tanneries in Sweden, situated throughout the country. Today only four remain.
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Of the hides and skins that come from cattle, sheep and reindeer and are produced at our member companies, almost 100% are raised in Scandinavia.